Who we are

QØDE is Jordan-based artist agency working with some of the Middle East’s most talented emerging artists and providing a platform for their growth and development.

We host and curate international exhibitions, act as an agency for up-and-coming artists and provide art-consultancy and market research focusing on contemporary art from

The artists we represent hope for more than a sold out exhibition. They want to be celebrated for who they are, not where they are from.

Art Consulting

Q0DE provides art consulting services to curate collections of artworks in a wide range of aesthetics and mediums for clients and projects of all scales and industries.

We offer hospitality art consulting, multifamily art consulting, residential art consulting, amongst other art consulting services.

Our experienced team of in-house art consultants work to create site-specific works guaranteed to elevate and add value to a building, by creating all of the work in house, rather than sourcing from outside art studios, we can deliver an art plan that is original, cohesive, and created specifically for your space.

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